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I help you organize your finances to save you time and money.

The tools and resources I recommend will immediately start doing the behind-the-scenes work for you so you can gain a clear financial picture. 

Craig R.

"The system she recommended was so automated and efficient, that I can do it myself in a few minutes a month."

Would you love an easy to understand overview of how your money is doing?

I’ll save you time and take away the overwhelm by implementing a custom system for tracking your money - so you can be ready for tax time and always prepared to confidently take action with your money.

Is not keeping up with your complicated finances causing you stress?


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Get a start on independently tracking your finances so you can achieve your first financial goal.


I’ve helped countless families and solopreneurs take control of their money. 

Overcome the guesswork that keeps you stressed. 

“We've been able to track all our finances in one place. Not only just spending account balances, but mortgages, investments, 401K, student loans, etc. This helps us see exactly where we are spending our money, allowing us to make smarter spending decisions while effectively working to increase our net worth. 

The value of the services she provides well offsets the costs for us as we are a busy family of 4 where it would be difficult to find the time to spend hours categorizing & updating all our financials”

- Kathy and Mike G.

“Kirsti is a positive/optimist minded partner that is constantly looking to help us hone (make more efficient) our accounting practices. Kirsti was gracious in adapting with us…as our business has grown more diverse
 because she simply cares.  

Come tax time my stress levels are so much more improved since we partnered with Kirsti. I have more available bandwidth to stay on top of my game and grow because she's always backing us up with the numbers/organization/reporting. Thank Kirsti, you're the best!”

- Art D.

“Kirsti is amazing. We have been working with her for over a year. She has helped us create a budget, track all expenses, pay bills and find ways to easily save money. She is smart, always on time, and beyond easy to work with. 

She knows accounting software and explains things in an easy to understand manner, whether you have a financial background or not. I don’t know what we did before we found her. If you feel like you need budgeting, financial reports, bookkeeping, planning, or advice for personal or business, she is a fantastic choice.” 

- Tom N.

There is a way for you to get ahead with savings and spend guilt free without taking on more debt and tackle your financial dreams along the way.

You work very hard for your money and deserve to get ahead and have peace of mind. 

Do you not have a good financial system in place?

I’m Kirsti! (Pronounced Kyear-stee)

I’m a numbers nerd who has big dreams just like you! My husband and I are working towards paying off massive student debt while saving up to buy a home with some land that we can mini-farm. When I’m not analyzing numbers in spreadsheets, you can find me at the gym or hiking with my dog. I live in Belton, TX, but work virtually with people all over the US! 

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Get a start on independently tracking your finances so you can achieve your first financial goal.