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The Easiest Way to Track Your Finances Without the Stress

- followed my strengths in working with numbers
- put my finance/accounting degree to good use
- and took a leap of faith in solopreneurship 

Hi! I’m Kirsti! 

I help solopreneurs and families gain clarity around their finances. Personal and Business Bookkeeper + System Guru + Money Confidant. 

I’m a solopreneur too (and so is my husband)! We have big dreams for our family and being able to clearly align our money with our values is hugely motivating! As full-time RVers who are hoping to put down forever roots in Texas, I do believe that with some sacrifice and discipline you can achieve your dreams in life! 

If you would have told me that I’d get to be working with numbers in spreadsheets in order to help people with their cash flow, I wouldn’t believe you (because I asked my finance professor in college if such a job existed and he said No). Luckily, I....

In order to create a very rewarding job helping people get control and clarity around their money, ultimately so they can chase after their own dreams!

Jason and Elizabeth M.

Because we had a clear handle on what was coming in and out, we were able to confidently commit to a mortgage number.”


“Because of Kirsti's help, we have been able to buy our dream home.

It’s my passion to give you the confidence to chase after your dreams!

(Not just feel-good words of affirmation, I mean REAL numbers to back you up!)


“Kirsti listened to my needs for organizing personal and professional accounts and tailored a unique plan to help me meet my goals. I feel confident going forward that my records will remain orderly and accurate and that I will be able to make informed decisions about my finances.”

My mission is to get you out of the dark, no longer wondering where all your money went.


P.S. We might be friends if 

You have a dog (the most hilarious coworker), lovvve chocolate desserts, and can teach me to play the harmonica...Actually, I’ll trade you services right now if you’ve mastered that tiny instrument and can teach me!