You work hard and are stressed about not knowing exactly what’s going on with your finances (personal or small business). 

You earn decent money but you’re a little uncertain as to where it all goes. Worse, you feel like you’re not sure if you’re taking the best advantage of opportunities or if you’re fully prepared for big changes...You just need some help getting your money situation organized (because hello, who has the time to learn all this stuff on their own).

Overcome the stress of not knowing

Have you lost control of your money?

Have some questions? Perhaps you need some training to get started with best practices. You’re confident that with a patient teacher, you can get the hang of taking care of your money yourself.

Consulting + DIY Guidance

Need help managing it all?

Are you extremely time crunched and not necessarily looking to pick up any new skills? You want to take as much off your plate as possible and would love having an expert take care of it all from start to finish?

Expert Bookkeeping Services

Guide Me Please!


The Ultimate Guide to DIY Finance

You’re a go-getter who's already been trying to track your money, but you don’t have a great method. You get a little lost with it all and know there has to be a better way, plus you sometimes have questions! What if you had someone to GUIDE you on getting a system setup? Consulting and DIY Training will get you just that.

Consulting + DIY Guidance

Let me help!

Want to get past the learning curve?

We will get all of your financial information cleaned up for as far back as you need - I’ll help you convert files to a spreadsheet and make sure all the formatting is accurate.

Let me help. I’ll provide all the details of how to get started and show you the ropes. In the beginning I’ll share with you my tips for starting things correctly from the get-go (skip the painful learning mistakes).

Then I’ll get more involved with your specific situation and make sure that what we’re implementing meets your needs. If along the way you get stuck (think - out of balance books!) then I’m here to help solve the problem and teach you along the way.

My favorite part about DIY Training is speeding up your learning curve and giving you more peace of mind that what you’re doing is right.




By the end, we will have a structure that is very unique to you and all the details will be so organized (and setup for automation going forward) that we can review a summary of your numbers together.

We can talk about your goals and come up with a plan using your actual finances. Then you will manage it yourself because you’ve been taught the ropes and now have a much better understanding of how it all works.

You’ll be able to clearly see the progress you’re making on your goals and eliminate the stress of not having enough savings or keeping up with taxes. There will be a sigh of relief because you’re back in control.




 - Elizabeth and Jason M.

 She works with us and the numbers to paint a clear picture of our situation...She saves us money. If you're on the fence, give Kirsti a try! She will make your financial life more clear cut and easier to manage.”


“Kirsti's customization to our needs and personalized service sets her apart.

One-on-one training to learn from a bookkeeping system expert

You get: 

Help completing your “homework” along the way

An actual income and spending report

A money plan, and 

An automated solution for keeping up your finances well into the future!

Services starting at $500.